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            Mobile Batching Plants

            Mobile Batching Plants
            Mobile Batching Plants Mobile Batching Plants Mobile Batching Plants Mobile Batching Plants Mobile Batching Plants

            Mobile Batching Plants

            1. Introduction
            The mobile concrete batching plants adopt advanced technology and are designed and manufactured as per International standards, and also can be designed specially upon customer requests.
            It can produce any type of concrete to meet customer requests with different type mixers, like twin shaft mixer and planetary mixer, so were widely used in construction projects, ready mix concrete production and concrete prefabrication factory.
            2. Advantages
            1. Very economical to use
            2. Special design to meet customers special requests, like hopper volume, layout, etc
            3. High efficient production
            4. High quality concrete production guaranteed by accurate weighing, full-automatic control and powerful, homogeneous mixing
            5. High stability from heavy duty design of whole plant frame
            6. Long lifespan guaranteed by reliable components (Schneider, Sicoma, WAM, Airtic, Siemens, etc.)
            7. Low operating costs
            8. Easy to clean, maintain and service

            3. Specifications
            MODEL YHZS25 YHZS35 YHZS50 YHZS75
            Capacity 25 m³/h 35 m³/h 50 m³/h 75 m³/h
            Compacted Concrete Volume 0.5 m³ 0.75 m³ 1 m³ 1.5 m³
            Mixer Power 18.5 kW 30 kW 30 kW 30 kW×2
            Max. Aggregate Size 60/80mm (broken stone/pebble)
            Loading Type of Aggregate to the Mixer Conveying Belt
            Aggregate Silo Capacity 4 m³×2 4 m³×2 5 m³ ×4 5 m³ ×4
            Aggregate Weighing Accuracy ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2%
            Cement Weighing Accuracy ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
            Water Weighing Accuracy ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
            Additive Weighing Accuracy ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
            Control System Full-automatic / Automatic
            Discharging Height 3800 mm
            Total Power 40 kW 65 kW 70 kW 96 kW
            Total Weight (approximate) 12 Tons 15 Tons 19 Tons 20 Tons
            Overall Dimension (at work) (L×W×H) 14500 × 4050 × 7600 mm 14500 × 4050 × 7600 mm 18850 × 4150 × 8079 mm 20000 × 4200 × 8300 mm
            Cement Screw Φ219 mm / Φ273 mm
            Cement Silo(optional) Welded Type/Bolted Type, 30 Tons - 500 Tons

            4. Our Services
            We satisfy customers with quick and qualified pre-sales and after sales services. 
            Being aware of the importance of good after sales support for customers, we can fulfill customers’ after sale requirements immediately with our experienced service teams. 
            Our service teams give technical assistance in 7 x 24 hours services.

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            CONTACT US

            Concrete Machinery Zone, Zhengshang Road, Zhengzhou, Henan, China.

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