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            Concrete Mixer Pumps

            Concrete Mixer Pumps
            Concrete Mixer Pumps Concrete Mixer Pumps Concrete Mixer Pumps Concrete Mixer Pumps

            Concrete Mixer Pumps

            1. Introduction
            The concrete mixer pump, which combined with concrete mixer and concrete pump. it is very suitable for the actual construction requirements in rural districts, small and medium towns, and various construction projects. It has electric motor type and diesel engine type for customer choice.
            2. Advantages
            Mixing system
            Double motors for mixer mixing with features of quick and homogeneous mixing.
            Grinding wheels for mixing drum rotation, stable and reliable.
            Vibrating device for aggregate complete discharging.
            Pumping system
            Fully hydraulic pumping system with double concrete cylinders and double oil cylinders, stable and reliable.
            Hydraulic parts are famous brands from home and aboard with high and reliable quality.

            3. Specification
            Item Unit Electric motor type Diesel engine type
            JBS30-10-37 JBS40-10-45 JBS30-10-66R JBS40-10-82R
            Max. concrete output (theoretical) m3/h 30 40 30 40
            Max. delivery pressure (theoretical) Mpa 10 10 10 10
            Type   S valve S valve S valve S valve
            Electric motor power kW 37 45 - -
            Diesel engine power kW - - 66 82
            Delivery cylinder bore x stroke mm Φ140/1000 Φ180/1000 Φ140/1000 Φ180/1000
            Capacity of hydraulic oil tank L 350 350 350 350
            Hopper capacity/ Feeding height m3/mm 0.4/1200 0.4/1200 0.4/1200 0.4/1200
            Max. aggregate diameter mm 30 40 30 40
            Max. delivery distance
            m 120/500 150/600 120/500 150/600
            Dimension (L*W*H) mm 4200x2300x3150 4200x2300x3150 6000x2300x3150 6000x2300x3150
            Weight kg 4200 4500 5500 6000

            4. Our Services
            We satisfy customers with quick and qualified pre-sales and after sales services. 
            Being aware of the importance of good after sales support for customers, we can fulfill customers’ after sale requirements immediately with our experienced service teams. 
            Our service teams give technical assistance in 7 x 24 hours services.

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            CONTACT US

            Concrete Machinery Zone, Zhengshang Road, Zhengzhou, Henan, China.

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